• Snigdha

    good comparision. If i am going to buy il buy micromax. only disadvantage is the battery capacity.

    • imran_a1

      That is a disadvantage but the number of advantages are more comparatively.

      • Gnana

        But is there no way can we install Google play store in HCL ME? If that’s possible, I think HCL is definitely having some advantage interms of design look and brand valule. .. 
        There is HCL app store. okay, but I don’t see what apps it carries without buying the device is bad :(  Their website should have been carrying a link to HCL app store.

    • Gdb

      Buying an extra battery for android devices help !!

  • Intchar1

    Hi ImranDo Funbook supports Android market and applications like ezPdf and Repligo.Also please tell me that how can I use a pen for this tablet to handwrite my comments.

    • imran_a1

      It does support Android Market, and let me inform you that the Android Market is now called Google Play. And yes you will be able to install all of the apps available in the Play store.

      And can you please elaborate your question regarding Pen.

      • Kabir

        in micromax funbook do they have a microphone??

        • imran_a1

          Yup it does have a microphone in it..

  • Tarun

    I am not sure but HCL seems to have an advantage of better after sale support through its wide network in comparison to Mcromax.

    Also, plz update the post by adding the form factor like style, weight, sturdiness, body material etc.

    by any means….nice comparision, so thanks for bringing this up to people.

    • imran_a1

      Thanks for your opinion Tarun. I will be updating the details you have advised soon. And yes your point is worth noticing that HCL have great chance of selling the Tablet with their huge network. But still Micromax will stand as a very tough competitor because of the price factor.

  • Anand Arora

    Hi Imran,

    Very interesting and useful comparision. Strange that a company like HCL did not offer a price advantage here because if you have a look at HCL’s other products, there give quite a good fiesty competition.  Do you think  Micromax would also score in terms of their service support in India as compared to HCL ? (any prior feedbacks/ learning from their past consumers)


    • imran_a1

      Well yes i do think that Micromax would be able to provide better service support and i have used some of the products of Micromax and they were quite impressive which i did not expect. And that is why i think the Funbook will also be able provide what it promises to the consumers.
      About HCL, then i think soon they will be dropping the prices and unless they do that, they won’t be able to compete.

  • Intchar1

    Hi Imran
    I want a tablet for studying pdf books via ezPdf or repligo, with handwriting comments on pdf.
    Please suggest that should I go with a capacitive one or a resistive one like bsnl pantel as on resistive, we can write easily with any pointed object while for capacitive, we need a stylus.
    Please do advice – whether capacitive or resistive tablet for me ?

    • imran_a1

      I obviously recommend Capacitive Touch Screen. There is no way Resistive works better than Capacitive. For any purpose and especially touch capacity of capacitive is much better than resisitive. So if you are looking to buy a Tablet then go for one with Capacitive Touch Screen.

  • Samratsahil1

    which one shall i prefer both are affordable for me but i am worried that is micromax a good company as compared to HCL and that is the reason for my high consentration towards HCL as i heard that it is a ood company will the micromax tab not problem me in future ? mu friends please reply me and suggest me my mail is

    • imran_a1

      HCL of course is a better company as compared to Micromax but i think they will not provide a Tablet like Aakash. Funbook will obviously have a better built and warranty as well. And i personally have used Micromax product and they were quite impressive. HCL on the other hand ensures reliability of their product but in return you have to pay a big amount. You can see the price difference is nearly 5K which is big. In the end it completely depends on you which one to go with :)  

  • Karan

    HCL Tablet have no access to Google Play / Android market. That itself is a reason good enough for NO BUY to HCL. Do not buy it, don’t.

  • ezio

    what about HDMI port in micromax ffunbook???? is it avaliable

    • imran_a1

      It does have HDMI port as well.

    • Sounak Kumar Das


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