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  • Gil Rustia

     i was trying to delete my cover photos fromr websites like yours but nothing happen. i try your site and hulalala it work. 

    • justagirl

      Actually…. you have to click on “OPTIONS” which will appear directly under the photo in bold white letters. This is where you get the additional choices of rotate, left, rotate right and then finally delete.

      • imran_a1

         Thanks a lot justagirl fro your precious comment. I have updated with the tutoial you mentioned. Thanks again :) keep visiting.

        • Abhinav Sinha

           thnxx buddy

  • Email

    This does not work for me.

  • Email

    Looking at my timeline profile I click on photos, I see two albums, one is Covers and the other is Profile. I click on Covers. I click on a photo, my Edit options allow me to add description, location, etc. but not delete. There is no delete. The Covers photo album cannot be changed from public either. 

    • imran_a1

       Well as you can see i have updated this tutorial with the new method to delete the cover photo from timeline. Just follow the steps and delete the photo. And thank for your response.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Constanza-Cariola/603681087 Constanza Cariola

    thank you so much! 

  • Maritza Pedrayes

    I am using Timeline and have profile photos album, wall photos album and cover photos. I have no problem permanently deleting cover photo album pictures. There is one problem:  Cover photos delete but the number of photos (no). In other words, I delete cover photo and album is gone, but when I upload a new cover photo again, it shows I have more cover photos than I truly have. Do you have any idea what can I do, so that number of cover photos is correct, to the ones I have. Thanks!

  • kaniz fatema

    plz help me i dont do this….t have to many problem in my cover photo.plz plz tell me how i deletee my cover page photo.

    • imran_a1

       Kaniz just follow the steps mentioned above and you will be able to delete the cover photo.

  • Bubble_sabs

    thank you so much, may god bless

  • Frankie

    Thank you! 

  • jaybay

    thaannkk youuu for that update!

  • Tralena Hyslop

    Thank YOU!!! 

  • chelsea

    wow..thank you somuch:] now my mom cant see my picture kissing my boyfriend..mwuaaahh more power..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000806872961 Iram Khan

    thanks alot….. 

  • Carlasaboia

    That was very helpful. Why do they make it so difficult for us to erase our own pictures?? I didn’t know the cover pictures were public and could actually be copied by anyone until i found out that someone I dont know had copied my photos and spread around to his friends. Uncredited, of course.

  • Naughty_naughty

    thankyou soo much

  • Gagz

     im not able to delete one of my cover photo. as u show in tutorial i dont see any option wheel right to the close button when i click the photo. which browser u r using?

    • imran_a1

      Gagz follow the steps after i have updated the tutorial. The first tutorial is now valid since Facebook changed the Photo Viewer. The second method will work for you.

  • Kay Anderson

    mine is not set up as u say it is I can not delete the photo from the timeline cover photo album. I hate the timeline. i can’t read anything on it anymore or even find things u made a mess of things.

  • Aisha

    thanx a lot

  • Caleb okeyo

     put the  pic in full view at the buttom of the pic U want to and  delete there is an options button at the bottom of pic and on clicking a drop down menu with delete  this photo as an option appears and simply click on delete easy as ABC

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  • Shatteredmirror

    I can’t find any button below the picture.

  • Guest

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I thought “this would be easy” and just couldn’t find the blasted button.  The information and your update worked perfectly. Thanks!

    • imran_a1

      I am glad it was helpful to you. Thanks for appreciation.

  • amy

    Thank you!! your instructions worked for me!!