• Afq

    Unfortunatly this is not a working solution

    • http://geekprison.com/ Marzan

       Hi Afq,

      The Ultrasn0w Fixer was released by iOS developer zmaster and once you install it you need to than install Ultrasn0w 1.2.5. If your device falls under the supported basebands it will unlock your device and many have done so..

      The new Ultrasn0w which will be released will support even more basebands..

    • d_n

      it did not work for me…i have an iphone 3gs on 5.1 ios and bb 6.15.00….all i get is “searching” after loading ultrasn0w fix, then ultrasn0w..tried all combinations..and rebooting

  • Richardsabino

    It worked for me. I tested last monday and it works like a charm.

    Thanks you saved my life with this update.

    • http://geekprison.com/ Marzan

      Thank you, The pleasure is all mine…