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  • Deepaknegi2079

    i want treake my samsan galaxy y 5360

    • Marzan

       ok… treake it

  • Gripshod

    I installed both iPhoto and PS Touch this way on my Gen1 iPad.  The first time I tried to sync I received a message stating my iPad was not a registered device.  I clicked authorize, new message, already authorized, only option was to click reauthorize and both apps were removed.


    • imran_a1

      GripShod, in order to avoid this issue you simply need to avoid this error and click on cancel every time it asks for authorization. If you authorize it then the apps will be removed. So to continue using the apps simply avoid the error message.

  • Localresiztance

    I was able to download it successfully, but when I try to open it on the Ipad it closes just as fast as it opens. Any ideas on how to get past this issue?