• Liiz12_

    I soft reset my phone, and I couldnt still not update my phone…

  • raju

    i tried all 3 methods, still  its showing no updates available. am using 5530

    • imran_a1

      Raju the third medhod worked very well for me. You can try again by removing your memory and sim card. And do not put them back untill the update procedure is completed.

      • irha

        I tried the first and second methods and didn’t find any updates. Now I am trying to do the hard reset, but when I open the phone and enter *#7730# it doesn’t prompt to do a hard reset as it did for *#7780#. If I click dial after entering the sequence, it tries to send the code to network, which fails because I am working offline (no sim card right now). Should I try doing a factory reset from the settings?

        Interestingly, if I go to ovi site from my phone, it says that the latest firmware for my phone is 40.0.003, but the firmware check keeps telling me that there is no update. I also tried using their firmware updater for mac, and it too found no update.

        • imran_a1

          irha i have made a change with the code. Actually to hard reset code is *#7370# and not *#7730#. That was written by mistake and i apologies for that. Now you try to hard reset with this provided code and try to update your Nokia 5530. I hope this will be helpful. For further assistance please let us know.
          Thanks for visiting.

          • irha

            I was able to do factory reset, but still it didn’t find any updates. I didn’t have my sim card or memory card and the first thing I did was to check for updates, other than setting up my wifi connection.

          • imran_a1

            First of all sorry for replying late.
            Well then maybe it is not available in your country or there might be some other issue with your device. You might need to flash it which is hardware based. Other than this you should have been able to do the update. As you can see i was able to achieve it via hard reset and many others as well. Thanks for Visiting :)

          • irha

            Do you think it is based on current location of the phone or the location where it is manufactured or other related info (e.g., s/no)? I am going to be in India in a couple of months, do you think it would find the update then?

            BTW, what is the hardware based method that you were referring to?

          • imran_a1

            Well yes it depends on the location.

            * Please note that the latest software version may not be available for
            your device, and the benefits listed may not be available to you, or be
            available in selected countries.

            This is stated on the official site of Nokia. And i am not sure whether you will be able to update your device in India or not. But i think that it should work. Coz the update is available in India.
            The hardware based method is actually formatting the device and installing the OS again. It requires some hardware tool.

          • irha

            I am in India now and tried all the 3 methods and yet it didn’t find any updates. I have an AirTel sim card, if that matters.

          • imran_a1

            Sorry for the late rply irha. Coming to topic then i do not have any idea as why you are not able to update your device despite being in India. Nokia as usal is not really impressive with the update, so can’t really help. Still i’d find some other way to update the device and let you know asap.

          • Umer

            i’m having the same problem. The nokia 5530 that are made in europe have not recieved the software updates yet. My friends have recieved the updates, mine is still left.

          • imran_a1

            Umer have you tried the above methods before updating.

  • Ali

    Hi & thank you for information!
    You made a small mistake!
    Hard reset code for Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is: *#7370#

    • imran_a1

       Ali thank you very much for finding the mistake. I have corrected it now.

  • mganga

    thanks just managed to update mine

    • imran_a1

       My pleasure buddy..

  • Gundapola

    It works for me… Thanks.. :)

  • Miles

    hi..i tried methods 1 and 2 but neither of them worked for my 5530. it always says “no updates available”. what else should i do? thanks!

    • Miles

      as well as method 3 and removed my sim card as well, but still to no avail…a little help here please….

      • imran_a1

        Then may be it’s not available in your country buddy. Else it would have worked.

        • Miles

          that’s what i thought…thanks anyway bud! at least i won’t be getting my hopes up in updating my phone. lol…thanks again.

  • Ubib

    how to check my device update?

    • imran_a1

      Go to Settings > Phone > Phone  mgmt. > Device Updates > Option > Check for updates.

  • http://twitter.com/williamtavares william

    someone help ME: the 1st picture show the option screen, and the S60 icon are with a withe square !! its not normal, the simbol have to got a transparent bakground, and after i update my nokia 5530 shows that problem too, and , how can i fix it? someone know?

  • nyZwan

    i followed everything still does not work. need help

  • Obakeng16

    how do you dial cause when i call it says unable to use network

    • imran_a1

      Just go to dialer and dial *#7370#  and then press call button i.e. green button..It should work..

  • Mikee Leon91

    Hi, Im from Philippines and I follow all the instructions and all the methods but nothing happens.

  • Gee

    i’m trying to update it but there is an error message saying connection error

  • Hani_saeed007

    no updates available

  • contessa

    pls help…how can i get back the deleted scribble in 5530xm?

  • Pavel

    My Gallery of my 5530 das not work correctly, it is not schowing any photos What to do when my software is updated to tthe latest Firmware Update v40.0.003 ? Thanks

    • imran_a1

      Try doing the Soft Reset using the method mentioned above. It might help.

  • Pavel

    Please how to delete Nokia Messangers  email because I would like to use WLAN. Thanks

    • imran_a1

      what exactly you want to do. Please elaborate.

  • Nokias60fan

    Hi its 2012 already and its still not available here ib the philippines?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001375113327 Tony Jelev

    I was getting no updates available even after the hard reset. what should i do now? country : Bulgaria

  • Faisal_enrique

    Hey i have done all of the above process but its still not upating. Help me plz

  • Lalaine006

    why i can’t receive any message without turning off my phone??

  • Kiran Nunna

    I tried both soft reset and hard reset on my nokia 5530. Still it is saying v32 is the latest and no updates. Please help me how to update.
    Also I need how to flash the downloaded v40 firmware (Symbian Anna v7.9 para Nokia 5530.rar) on nokia5530. 
    Please help me regarding this.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • sonu kasana

    mera nokia 5530 dictionary me hindi language install nahi kar raha solution batao