• Rudi

    New Gingerbread beta version available for Huawei X5 (U8800) !!

    Type: software
    Name: U8800V100R001C00B518G001(Beta1.0)(Overseas Normal)(Gingerbread)
    Version: —
    Compatible OS: —
    Date: 2011-12-07
    Size: 192.27MB
    Product:HUAWEI U8800


    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      Thanks Rudi, for the information

  • Macdonald

    my Edio x5 u8800 pro is not responding to touch screen. when i try to move my finger to unlock it doesnt respond. please assist me with the right solution.

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      maybe you’ll be need to hard reset it, Power off phone, hold vol up and power at same time and it should boot to recovery. From there u should be able to make the reset.