• hm

    Hi Zibran,
    I am trying to take a screenshot on my samasung galaxy s5360.But when I press and hold the menu button, I get a quick serach box and when when I press both menu and power button, I get a phone settings menu display. Can you please let me know what should be done to get a screen capture.


    • http://imvignat.com Vignat Vora

      First of all, gently press the Menu button, which is in the middle of two capacitive buttons. Keep this button pressed and then, press the power button . You could be able to hear a flick sound of camera and your screenshot will be captured. Even I failed in taking screenshots in earlier stage, but later, got succeeded. If you are still unable to capture screenshot, please contact me !

      • boyet

        the middle button between the two capacitive buttons is not a menu button. it’s a home button. the right capacitive button is the menu button.

        • http://www.imvignat.com/ Vignat Vora

          :P The left capacitive button is menu button :)

    • azmath patan

      Try with the above method for sometime and u’ll get to know how to take screenshots …
      even i struggled initially with the above procedure ….

    • azmath patan

      Press and hold the menu button. If you get any pop ups or any windows simply press back(but dont release ur finger from menu button). and then press power button.

      U can find the captured screenshot in gallery ….

      Please let me know if you have any issues.


  • http://geekprison.com Zibran

    hi hm, it is very tricky,a split second here and there, you will miss taking the screenshot, just press the menu key and immediately after that press the power button. you can try with slight variations in time until you get it correct.

  • Sreedhar

    Sometimes my Galaxy Y displaying messages “SD card Unexpectedly Removed” in the notification area and then “preparing SD card”, “media scanner running”, “media scanning completed”. Why this is happening and hanging the phone for 4 to 5 seconds. The same thing i.e., displaying messages happening while receiving a call also.

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      well that happen usually when you connect your phone to pc, you can try what imran has said and let us know

  • http://geekprison.com Mohd Imran

    Well i think your memory card must be corrupted..Try to format your SD card, but before that do backup your data..

  • ivee

    i cannot change my themes in my samsung galaxy y s5360

  • Ajith

    Getting error msg “sd card removed unexpectedly” after updating my galaxy y from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6…. how to solve.

    Thanks in adv.

  • Crizam

    100% working! Thanks!!!

  • kristina

    so helpful! thanks!

  • Dipanwitaman

    Hi I am a new user of samsung Galaxy Y S5360. I am facing a problem like every time do something like call or message, after that my phone shows some messages like “media scanner running” “SD scanning” etc. and after that mobile home screen power is getting off and samsung galaxy y blinks and then monitor power goes off and after few mins it comes back. Please help.

  • UNknOwN

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      u r welcome, please share the articles with your friends

  • anonymous

    i watched so many videos about this and…
    this is the only solution that solved my problem!..
    all I can say is THANK YOU!

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      thanks u r welcome, please share it with your freinds

  • Naeem iqbal

    i have been looking for apps for my Samsung galaxy y to take the screen shot but this method requires 2-3 times practice and there u go..simple and outstanding..
    Thanks for sharing
    plz also share more tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy Y.

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      u r welcome, definitely we will keep updating interesting post and articles,but if you specifically want something then you can request us also,we’ll be more happy to help you

  • Naeem iqbal

    I am facing an issue in my Samsung Galaxy Y, that when ever a text message arrive it appears line by line 1 time on the top of lock screen. So if u want to hide your message one can read it if he has your cell without unlocking it. Is there any way that the cell does not automatically displays the message on the lock screen.
    Naeem Iqbal

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      First open your message screen( the little message icon where u see your list of messages) once you do that then you can click on settings and on the bottom you will see Notifications. Make sure the check mark is off so that u don’t get the preview on top of your screen every time you receive a message.

      hope it helps you, please revert in case of any problem

    • http://jbesonia.tumblr.com/ Quill

      Go to MESSAGES. SETTINGS. under NOTIFICATION SETTINGS. uncheck “display message notifications in status bar”

  • Jayanta Roy

    i am facing the problem of sd card removed unexpectedly….how can i get rid of this…pls help me….my firmware version is DDKJ1….
    Jayanta Roy

    • Thomas Bowden

      im facing this problem too, anyone knows how to solve it?

    • Leo

       I also had the same problem. and here is the solution. Go to your nearest Samsung service center and update the firmware (update using key / or  directly from device is not enough). Thats it. If you r again getting the same error update using wi-fi from device.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003218851572 Dean Foster

    every time i press the “home button i get task manager come up..please help.

    • http://jbesonia.tumblr.com/ Quill

      Press home + power SIMULTANEOUSLY.

    • Taranchula Gaming

      when the task manager comes up, dont take your finger off, press the back button, with finger still on physical button, press power

  • AAMlna

    Hello! I am a new user of Samsung GY. When i take the screenshot, the one i can picture is the Task Manager. How can i capture what i  want??? Please reply!

    • Leo

       dont hold the home key. just press and without releasing press power key. that’s it

  • Sung Young

    I just download Go Launch. When I want to set theme, I cannot find where my theme is. I also
    pressed menu>settings, but still, I can’t find my theme. Can someone help me ?
    P.s : sorry for my baaad english..

  • azmath patan

    Thnks…. this is really working … 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HJJF5P6VWTGNBCYMRCZFYBHQ6U Shiela queen

    Hi. I would like to ask why I can’t view the results? I heard the flick of the camera sound and suddenly my screen display turns off but every time I checked on my Gallery, I’ve got nothing. 

  • Hassam Tariq

    Worked Perfectly, Thank you so much :)

  • Tintin_acosta

    I am trying to take a screenshot to my galaxy young/s5360, but when I press the power button I didn’t here a shot sound. and even didn’t take a screenshot.

  • Dooki

    Thx… press and hold the middle (home) button and after the popup press left button (back) ..but hold the middle button and then press the power button.. SNAP!!! many thx..

    • Dooki

      sorry left button was wrong, i mean the right (back) button..

  • http://www.desiedition.com/ Raj

    hey never knew that playing with screenshots is such an easy job… :)

  • p0ng

    works perfectly! thanks :D * which font you’re using in the screenshots?

  • Ryan Ongjoco

    my samsung galaxy y s5360 keeps blinking without reason? what shall i do?

  • Whatever

    I can’t really get that screen capture. :/

  • Whatever

    Because i cant timing. :/

  • Whatever

    Hello! I want to get a screenshot to my Samsung Galaxy. But I don’t understand that process. When I clicked the home button and there is a popped message. But when I click the lock/power button The “Phone options” popped and didn’t shot. :o

  • Ksheng91

    Hi there,
    I find this post very useful and purposely write a thank for you. And, the KEY we have to press, in my opinion, I don’t think so, it is a MENU key, as its function is not bringing the owner to the main menu, I suppose.
    Anyway, it is still very usefully, although just a simple guide.

    Thank you.

  • Nikitasathe91

    i have an Samsung galaxy y but m just unable to capture the screen.. What should i do?? Whenever i try to capture the screen the capture window says unable to screen capture please try again later..

  • Karisonuraina

    hello wn i press d mebu button and dn d power button it says” unable to capture.please try again”

  • nathan

    how can i change the resolution of screen shots photo?

  • maameyaa1t

    aaaahhh gosh…i really suffered… thnks soooo muchh