• Bert

    I have updated mine nokia 5530 to V40.0.003 but Nokia Maps is not updated to V3.06

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      well update can vary depending on the region, we have also mention the official changelog is still not available, once the official changelog is available, we will definitely let you know more about it,btw thanks for letting us know

    • slick

      dudes wen i go to device update it tells me i should udpate my phone through pc y cnt i update through my phone? 5530

      • http://geekprison.com Mohd Imran

        Did you to update by going to Settings> Phone> > Phone Mgmt> Device Updates and then from the option menu Check for updates.

  • God

    Yah I use nokia 5530 when i got to software update it shows no updates available iam in Tanzania.what should i do to get new firmware v.40.?

    • ritesh desh

      hello sir update my phone

  • http://geekprison.com Mohd Imran

    Well the updates may not be available in Tanzania..You can go to official website where it states

    * Please note that the latest software version may not be available for your device, and the benefits listed may not be available to you, or be available in selected countries.

    • JoGall

      Dude its been 9 months any news on upadating here in the philippines for nokia 5530?

  • kris

    wel what does louder music options mean? My 5530 music plays lower than 5800 in loudspeakers. . !!

  • Khevin

    Sir’ why I can’t upgrade my 5530 into that v40.0.003?’
    Im from Philippines.

  • http://geekprison.com Alex Stark

    Just one question…how to downgrade the web browser? It bugs up A LOT on the websites I usualy hang arround.

  • bane

    after upgrading to v40.0.003 music player on my 5530 doesn’t work. why is that?

  • http://geekprison.com Mohd Imran

    bane you must have not updated your device properly..coz the problem you are stating is odd..did you face any problem while updating?

  • http://facebook.comaltamash290 altamash

    Nokia 5530′s v40 FW is not available in Pakistan though. Well im waiting for it. And i searched for latest FW update for 5530 in nokia’s official website it shows only v32 is latest ..

  • Taha

    I’m from Pakistan and I updated my Nokia 5530 to v40 on, 31/10/2011.

  • yohan

    I have updated the software, but am still not able to use the slide to unlock feature. Is there some way I can enable it on the phone?

  • http://geekprison.com Zibran

    hmm it should be working, but anyway can you tell how did you updated your phone as many users in india are still complaining the update is not available for them

  • abduljaleel

    i have updated my nokia software just now, i feel good


    • http://www.facebook.com/banksking93 Fabio Salvan

      scusa dove hai trovato il download??? mi potresti dare il link per l’aggiornamento in italiano??

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  • RAM

    I am in India.. and I have updated the software, but am still not able to use the slide to
    unlock feature. Is there some way I can enable it on the phone?

  • Anonymous

    version 40 it is available in the philippines?

  • Jem

    I can’t update my 5530 to a new software. :( It always says “connection error” or “server certificate is not trusted”

    • Anonymous

      Jem you can try check the article link above to solve the issue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001919277797 Gediminas Krisana Gudelis

    For my update I used NOKIA Ovi Suit. I got updated my NOKIA 5230 to version 50.0.001 (custom version; language set 09; type RM-588. But my NOKIA 5230 ExpressMusix, firs I got an message that server is not available, till downloading 128 Mb size file. Second attempt offered for me download of file wich had 70 Mb size. It complete the update, and it was a version 40.0.003 (custom version 40.0.003.c02.01); language set 18 (before was 02); Type RM-504. After I disconect the ExpressMusic from my PC, at the “Phone/Menu/applications/SW update/” it still shows that Phone Software necessary (important) to be updated (21 Mb). Should I update it from the phone?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001919277797 Gediminas Krisana Gudelis

    BTW. At the above mentioned firmware update changes was not mentioned the following feature for NOKIA 5530 XpressMusic: The easier browse at menu (drag-push menu content).

  • Bad Boy 666

    How to download  this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/banksking93 Fabio Salvan

    ma in italia l’aggiornamento è arrivato???? pèrchè non riesco a trovare il link riuscite a linkarmi??? grazie

  • me

    why can’t update my 5530

  • Ryan_tmac1


    what server profile to be used in order to update my 5530 to v40..my location is Philippines?it always says server not responding..


  • Johnjaeveemendoza

    is v40 availble in philiphines ? :) reply pls :)  

    • imran_a1

      I think it is not available in philippines. Many people from philippines are complaining that they are not able to update. you can still check if it is available or not by going to phone settings and update option.

  • Popa_viktor

    what theme is that Swipe to unlock screenshot?

  • http://www.facebook.com/muhandburbur.burbur Muhand Burbur


  • http://www.facebook.com/muhandburbur.burbur Muhand Burbur

    i need that

  • Falo

    :-( OTA response: No updates Available… PLease help

  • Shakhra


  • hisham omer


  • Aschai1


  • Sagitarious_umer

    in which region …latst firmware v40 is available?

  • me3ks

    i can’t also update my nokia 5530 :( :( what i’m going to do?????