• cj ogasawara

    does it play Youtube? thanks..
    please respond to my querry..
    Thanks again..

    • vhin

      Yes it does play youtube videos.
      I got mine last month and very much enjoying it so far.

  • Jebaseelan

    Does it have digital compass to show routes while we travel.

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      yes it does have digital compass and it works very well but remember using the map application requires gps + gprs connectivity

  • aryan

    Hi i am planning to buy this.
    its that too difficult to type..? i would say am massage freak

    please help me out

    thanks in advance

    • Deepesh

      Takes time to get used to typing it , the normal way. but the landscape mode is pretty much simpler and easier.

  • renata

    does it have gorilla glass?

    • http://geekprison.com Mohd Imran

      well it does not sport Gorilla Glass Display. With such low price Samsung Galaxy Y already has alot of features i guess..

  • sudha singh

    well how much it cost in south delhi ??

  • rohith

    Guys,this mobile was awesome….for the pay….just look that it has 832Mhz processor,and all the futures we need…….of course the cam is 2 mega pixel,the night mode gives the better picture clarity….i had it in last moth and i am njyng it…..


    Guys!!! can u let me knw what the current market price of it.. it have the features of wifi, is is necessary to download divx, smartmovie software to run AVi. files. Is it support JAR files to download games..


    • http://geekprison.com Mohd Imran

      At present the market price of Samsung Galaxy Y is around 7K, but you can get for much cheaper price from online stores.

      It does have feature of Wi-Fi and also you can make the device a Wi-Fi hotspot.

      To play AVI files you need to download any of the free Media player available in Android market. I would recommend Mojo or Rock Player. They are the best one.

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  • Sangram Tamhankar

    will it support majority of the android applications available? or due to its low resolution there might be problems running some applications?

  • Jean

    What kind of movie files can be open in Samsung galaxy y?
    And using what apps can view the movies?

    thanks in advance

    • http://geekprison.com Mohd Imran

      Jean you can play almost any type of movie file you want.
      You can use Mobi Player, Rock Player and many more are available in Android Market.

      Thanks for your query. I hope the answer is helpful.

  • GURU

    can we watch live cricket match

    • Xyz


  • GURU

    iam going to purchase it. i need to know whether we can see the live cricket matches

    • Guest

      hi guru plz tell me how i download youtube song on my samsung gaxlaxy y.

      • http://geekprison.com Mohd Imran

        Well Tubemate was the app to download YouTube Videos to Android mobiles but now it is been removed from the Google Play.

      • imran_a1

        You can visit http://tubemate.net/ to download the Apk file of TubeMate. it is not available in Google play. Download the app and start download youtube videos.

  • GURU


    • Xyz

      No. It does not have front camera. it’ll not support video calling.

  • Teezdhaar

    Please tell me whether it can support flash contents or not.
    Also tell, what video formats are supported by it, plz rply hurry…. i am going to buy it.

    • http://geekprison.com Zibran

      sorry for late reply, it has flash light, so thats mean, it will play some flash content and not all, to be more clear, it will play flash ADs, but not videos, when you click on videos they will play in video player. and about the video format, you need to have good player, thats its, i am able to play the most common format,like avi, mkv etc others i have not tested.

    • Xyz


  • Cassiemae33

    hi. im just wondering is it just my phone ‘back’ button is slightly not so sensitive or does all ‘back’ button for this phone is less sensitive? i sometimes have to press harder or a few times on the button only the phone can understand my demand and react to it.. is it normal for me to expect that the back button on the phone will be as sensitive as the screen?

  • Umaisahmad17

    hey how to improve the speed of the phone after rooting..how to improve it?

  • Janakiramanc8

    Does it has g sensor

    • Hezron_soriaga

      Yes it has g sensor..galaxy y also had a gpu.if you root it you can explore the phones internal contents but you cannot overclock it because of its rom.also you can now install adobe flash player 11 for armv6 search in google.

  • Irvingmacias

    How can i upgrade it to opengl es 2??

    • http://twitter.com/bitra Bima Putra Ahdiat

       I need an information about that, too. Is it possible to upgrade the OpenGL to ES 2? I need it to use app such as Instagram for Android.

  • Ashokreddy610

    when im downloading data from internet,im not getting any incoming calls&messages to my phone….how can i resolve it???
    plz help me out…