• rakesh joshi

    link not working

    • Marzan Chowdhury

      Hi Rakesh Joshi,

      We regret the inconvenience. The Links we have provided are official Links by Spice Mobile. There havent been any updates by Spice Mobile about the links and are not working by their end. We will inform you as soon as we get to know about it.

      • Shekar

        Can you please post the MD5 / SHA1 hash for the original 628d4ad7-4c46-45d7-8eb0-4dde07ad066c.rar file so that if we get it from some other source, we are able to verify the file before applying this crucial upgrade.

        • Marzan Chowdhury

          Hi Shekar,
          As the official links were already dead after an instant of the release the original hash info couldnt be obtained. However we have gathered the info from some dependable sources the hash info.
          MD5- 54B2513E427F11CBC44F1FC6BF6759D8
          SHA1- A76599EF6296C38472D67306BE1A21C26C00D20C
          If you have any more queries do revert back we are happy to help

          • Shekar

            Thanks, the hashes match (for the .rar file).
            I downloaded the file from 4Shared website link posted in an earlier post on this site.
            I also wanted to know if the non-stock apps (third-party apps that i downloaded) on my phone will stop working if this upgrade is applied?
            Warm regards,

  • chettai

    i would like to share the file wih i got lucky to download frm spice site…
    chk it….

    • jitu

      thank u freind u r thinking of other people even after getting update for urself ,its usefull for mi for my mi 410 , thank u

  • tinujoseph

    thanks 4 d link….is it d original one 4m spice….
    the official link is always broken

  • baski

    The official link is working now..:)

    • baski

      But the file is corrupt..:( Dono what to do or how to proceed…!!!!

      • Touhid

        i second that,

        i’ve downloaded file from official site.

        file is broken or corrupt.

        instead try cherry magnum HD gingerbread update, follow steps provided by igyaan.in

  • Svamsi_krishna

    power button become slow, screen is switching only after 15 seconds, how to resolve this?